If you’re a digital camera or gadget enthusiast you are probably aware that it can be difficult to know if your SD card is actually authentic.

Counterfeit memory cards have now spread throughout the marketplace. Packaging on the cards can make it difficult to distinguish a fake SD card from the real thing.

SD Insight is a free, fast and easy to use application that you use on your cell phone. Within seconds the application reads the technical details from your SD card and displays the information in an easy to understand format.

Android app on Google Play
Insert microSD card into Android phone

How SD Insight works. It's really easy.

1. Download and install the SD Insight app from the Google Play app marketplace.

2. Insert your SD card into your Android cell phone. (Note: You may need to turn off your cell phone to do this).

3. Launch the SD Insight application. In seconds your SD card information is displayed in an easy to understand format on the cell phone's screen.

4. You can see information such as manufacturer name, date of manufacture, and the product name and serial number. Click the Menu button to see more detailed information about your memory card.

5. If you have more than one memory card in your device, you will also be able to see details for each of the memory cards.

6. If you need more information, visit our SD Insight FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)- Updated April 17, 2017

  • How does SD Insight work?

    SD Insight is available currently for Android devices only.  Download and install the SD Insight app from the Google Play app marketplace, then insert the SD card into your handset and launch the app.  In seconds your SD card information is displayed on your cell phone screen in an easy to understand format.

  • With what Android handsets is SD Insight compatible?

    ***COMPATIBILITY NOTICE***: It has come to our attention that SD Insight is not compatible with some Android 7.0+ handsets. Google recently made a change in Android 7 that blocks SD Insight and other apps that use the same API. This change seems to have been only implemented by some phone manufacturers and not others. We do not know of a workaround at this time.

    Please note this is not an issue we can work around in the app, it is an Operating System issue (i.e it is not a matter of "updating the app", the Operating System is blocking the app's access to the SD card)

    We will post updates to this FAQ as soon as we have them.

    In addition, some Android tablets use USB SD card readers which are also not compatible with SD Insight. USB OTG is not supported in SD Insight as the USB interface does not allow access to SD card metadata.

  • How much does SD Insight cost?

    SD Insight is free and available at the moment for Android devices.  In the future we may produce a Pro version.

  • What information does SD Insight display?

    SD Insight displays information such as manufacturer name, date of manufacture, and the product name and serial number.  If the SD card is a fake, a notification will display on the screen under “Manufacturer name”.

  • SD Insight does not display SD card class information. Why not?

    SD Insight only displays the manufacturer information. There is no API in the standard Android Linux kernel to access the speed class of the card.

  • Does SD Insight display the free space on the SD card?

    No, SD Insight displays the card capacity but not the free space available for storage.

  • What information does SD Insight gather about my handset?

    SD Insight does not gather any personal information from your handset or SD card.  The only information the application reads is the manufacturer name, date of manufacture, and the product name and serial number.  For more information see our Privacy Policy as part of our Terms of Service in the End User License Agreement (EULA) of the SD Insight application.

  • After I run SD Insight to check my card, I see the message “Origin is UNKNOWN”. What does this mean?

    For your SD card, the manufacturer is not in the SD Insight app database at present. This means that your SD card may be authentic, but the app cannot confirm authenticity.

  • After I run SD Insight to check my card, I see the message “SD Card is INVALID”. What does this mean?

    The manufacturer data that the SD Insight app has returned for your SD card shows that the SD card is likely fake. The manufacturer data has been incorrectly specified on the SD card, or not specified at all.

  • I bought a branded SD card (e.g. "Kingston"), and the manufacturer's name does not show up when I run SD Insight on my phone. Why?

    Many OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) - such as Kingston - do not manufacture and produce their own cards but rather they place their brand on SD cards manufactured by others. For this reason, you may see a different manufacturer name when you run SD Insight.

  • When I run the SD Insight app, I see the item /dev/block/mmcblk1 on the screen. What does that mean?

    The mention of /dev/block/mmcblk1 actually refers to a block device. This is normal, and just the name used for a storage device that moves data in sequences of bytes or bits (blocks). These devices support random access and generally use buffered I/O. Examples include hard disks, CD-ROM drives, and flash drives such as SD cards.

  • When I run SD Insight on my phone, I see a term MMC. What does that mean?

    MMC stands for "MultiMedia" card. SD Insight displays the MMC card manufacturer details, similar to a SD card. More info on MMC here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MultiMediaCard

  • When I run SD Insight on my phone, I see a term EMMC. What does that mean?

    EMMC stands for "Embedded MultiMedia" card. The display on SD Insight - in addition to displaying MMC - usually displays EMMC, which is the internal storage capacity of the phone.

  • When I run SD Insight on my phone, I see a term SDIO. What does that mean?

    SDIO is the way that WiFi, BlueTooth and sometimes cellular modems are internally connected to your phone. SD Insight allows you to view the details of the WiFi chipset used on your phone.

  • Why did you decide to release the SD Insight product?

    We felt that consumers needed a simple, easy to use way to tell if their SDs card is a fake, to help protect the integrity of the data they store on their memory cards.  Fake SD cards are difficult to spot because of the professional-looking packaging and labels.  Purchasing and using an inferior quality card means you are not getting what you paid for, and fake SD cards have no warranty - when the card fails, you're out of luck. Also, the quality of fake cards sometimes have invalid partition sizes, making it likely to fail and we felt that a product was needed to help consumers know what they are purchasing.

For Manufacturers

For SD card manufacturers, we offer a branded version of SD Insight to be packaged with your SD cards. This version of the application is customized with your company's:

  • Custom splash screen
  • Branding and identity (logo, colors, fonts)
  • Online marketing materials
  • Customer support form and link to support site

Android app on Google Play
Branded SD Insight UI